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SHENZHEN GOLD SEAGULL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED,established in 2003, is a professional PCB (printed circuit board) manufactuer in Shenzhen China. We focus on hi-precision PCB manufacturing from prototypes to production including samples,hi-mix low volume and high volume orders.
GSG has introduced advanced technology to improve the process capability. We manufacture high-quality and high-reliability PCBs. Our products are widely applied to a variety of electronic industries such as c
ommunications,industrial control, consumer electronics,medical electronics and automotive electronics. We are also the key PCB supplier of hi-end markets such as aerospace and military defence.

On-time Delivery,Perfect Quality and Excellent Service is our work objective and management policy.The stability of our product quality,good performance of on-time delivery and professional services are highly regarded by our domestic and overseas customers as well as other PCB manufacturers.

We can build 2L boards within 24 hours and 4L-8L boards within 2-5 days.Our daily output projects are more than100 parts. Our monthly production capacity is up to 10,000 Sq/m. We are trying to be a leading PCB manufacturer in the world.

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Address: Room B2-215, Huafeng Mingyou Purchasing Center,Baoyuan Road, Xixiang, Baoan,Shenzhen 518102,China
Tel.: +86 755-2795 8154
FAX: +86 755-2775 8720

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